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About COC Consulting

COC Consulting was formed to help create a continuity of care between facilities and providers with patients. Having over 20 years of industry experience in all roles from Clinical Director, Chief Clinical Officer, Business Development, Billing, and Ownership, our professional team is able to help in every situation that arises. The primary goal is to help facilities and practitioners increase the success rate for clients. Often, centers and doctors are unable to follow-up with clients regularly and test to ensure they are continuing medications and avoiding the pitfalls of stopping medications, or interactions with medications. Our services help to not only provide the best and most comprehensive testing, we arrange for ongoing testing at no cost to the practitioner/facility of clients post care.


Companies Helped
Facilities Licensed and Accredited
Labs Run Daily
Patients Lives Improved


Driven to help our clients succeed in providing the best possible care for their patients and clients is the core purpose of COC Consulting. Our team aims to bridge the gap in care and increase the quality of the continuum of care, allowing both your practice and your patients to thrive.

Lab Support % 100
Marketing Support % 90
Branding Support % 90
Clinical Support % 90

Our Service

Lab Solutions

Offering comprehensive lab solutions including, genetic, GI, Respiratory, Toxicology, and blood. Fast and accurate results directly into your EMR and covered by all insurances.


Need help finding new outlets for marketing to increase new clients? We are experts at this. We can help identify and deploy means of attracting new clients and patients. We are here to help.

Clinical Support

Helping you stay on top of clinical advancements to ensure you are providing cutting edge, high quality care. Additionally, we can audit your care to find areas of improved client experience and care.

Strategic Growth

Deciding where to go with your practice or company is often difficult. Our team of experts can help determine the best course of growth based on your professional goals and vision.

Licensing and Credentialing

Looking to expand or get JACHO or CARF? We have licensed facilities in multiple states and completed successful JACHO and CARF accreditations for mental health and substance abuse.


Creating meaningful brand recognition and traction that will increase your new clients and help to create a lasting practice with a clear and powerful marketing and competitive advantage.

Meet the Team

COC Consulting is comprised of a diverse set of industry leaders each focusing on a different area of need. Our uniquely crafted team is built to create the best possible results for our clients.

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Karen Parmenter CEO

Karen is dedicated clinician with over 12 years of experience in the acute mental health space. She has managed multiple clinical locations including the Orange County Crisis center.

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Erin P Director of Customer Experience

Erin comes to us with a wealth of experience in the customer service world. Her dedication and drive to ensuring our customers are given the best possible service make her an ideal member of the team.

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Paul Denni Chief Compliance Officer

Paul is a licensed attorney who is also an entrepreneur. His constant desire to learn more makes him the ideal compliance officer. He stays on top of all laws and regulations to ensure our business is run correctly.

What people say?

The team at COC Consulting helped me elevate my client care. They paired me with an amazing lab partner and they manage the whole relationship! My client care has really been taken to a new level.


What people say?

Our practice was stagnate. The team and COC helped us identify where our short comings were and what to do to change them. As a result we have been adding new clients every week and we couldn't be happier.


What people say?

We were sick and tired of the typical shady labs in the industry. COC helped us get a legitimate lab partner who actually does take every insurance including fed policies. Since they manage the relationship we have not had a single issue since switching. Thank you!!!


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Reach out today for a free consultation of how we can help. Our team is here to help take your practice or center to the next level.