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About COC Consulting

COC, Continuity of Care, is a leading provider of mobile phlebotomy and imaging services in the US. Operating in 9 states currently and expanding every month, COC is the largest non-lab owned mobile phlebotomy company on the West Coast. COC provides services to mental health centers, skilled nursing facilities, community care-based programs, local government outreach programs, workers compensation, dental offices, doctors’ offices, and even in-home services. The company’s relationships with local and national labs allow for your client/patient’s samples to be processed quickly preventing any delays in care.

COC prides itself on service. We build our programs around your organization’s unique needs. COC provides services 7 days a week 365 days a year. STAT and on-demand services are also readily available.


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Our Service

COC provides quality services that are unmatched in the industry. This is accomplished by providing dedicated customer support that works with each account to ensure satisfaction. Our team provides bi-weekly progress calls, quarterly KPI reports and regular service audits.

Phlebotomy Services

Our dedicated team of W-2 phlebotomists deliver mobile services to your patients/clients. We pride ourselves on hiring experienced and capable technicians that provide excellent care to all.

Lab Solutions

Offering comprehensive lab solutions including, genetic, GI, Respiratory, Toxicology, and blood. Fast and accurate results directly into your EMR.

Imaging Services

No matter your imaging needs we are able to help. We provide assistance with EKG, Ultrasounds and X-Ray services. Through our unique partnerships we are able to offer 1st in class solutions.

Why Use Mobile Phlebotomy Services?

At-home and in-care blood draws are not just a convenience; for some they are a necessity. For the elderly, physically challenged, mentally compromised or severely ill, using a mobile phlebotomist allows them to stay in the comfort of their home or care facility, rather than having to travel to a laboratory, which may have long wait times and non familiar faces. COC provides mobile phlebotomy services to individuals in private residences, residential care facilities, doctors offices, and psychiatric hospitals. Our technicians can come for a one-time blood draw, or for regularly scheduled blood draws for those who need frequent testing. Centers are able to develop custom schedules ideal for their clients.

What To Expect

  • Customized Draw and Pick Up Schedules
  • Provide onsite phlebotomist or collection person
  • 2 Hour STAT Arrival
  • Turnaround time of test results are available within 24-48 hours
  • Designated Customer Support 7 days a week with live person dispatch
  • Ability to transition to different lab in our group if service quality suffers at any location
  • Custom Recquisition Forms and Custom Blood Panels tailored to specific panels for each doctor
  • Power of a large client no matter your practice size with our National and Local Lab Relationships
  • EMR integration or uploading of results into your existing EMR
  • Simple Billing with Options

Meet the Team

COC Consulting is comprised of a diverse set of industry leaders each focusing on a different area of need. Our uniquely crafted team is built to create the best possible results for our clients.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Karen Parmenter CEO

Karen is dedicated clinician with over 12 years of experience in the acute mental health space. She has managed multiple clinical locations including the Orange County Crisis center.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
John Bartels COO

With 8 years of experience in the healthcare field ranging from marketing to operations, John is the perfect COO for COC. John is dedicated to client care and changing the industry for the better.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Erin Pieretti VP

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, management and account excellence, Erin truly is a ``jack of all trades.`` Erin oversees the daily business and ensures each challenge is met and handled in a timely manner.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Josh Pizano Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations Josh oversees the day to day operations of mobile phlebotomy services and client account management for the Pacific Northwest. Josh brings over 9 years experience in sales and account management and is dedicated to provide and maintain the exceptional phlebotomy services COC has to offer.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Jo De Angelo Director of Phlebotomy

Jo Ann manages day to day operations, working with existing client relationships and establishing relationships with new centers. Using her expertise in venipuncture techniques, she strives to cultivate a safe, comfortable and efficient environment for phlebotomists, patients and medical staff.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Lynsey Day HR Specialist

Lynsey brings over 9 years of experience in human resources ranging from recruitment, benefits and LOA administration to employee relations, payroll and employment law. Helping to ensure that we hire quality candidates, using her knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm to get successful results.

Premier Mobile Phlebotomy Services
Marisol Palacios Phlebotomist Coordinator

Marisol Palacios brings over 10 years of experience in the medical field and customer service from working inpatient and outpatient. She is experienced, enthusiastic and a knowledgeable Phlebotomy Instructor for drawing blood with the ability to provide save, quality, compassionate care in the clinical and laboratory settings.

What people say?

The team at COC Consulting helped me elevate my client care. They paired me with an amazing lab partner and they manage the whole relationship! My client care has really been taken to a new level.


What people say?

Our practice was stagnate. The team and COC helped us identify where our short comings were and what to do to change them. As a result we have been adding new clients every week and we couldn't be happier.


What people say?

We were sick and tired of the typical shady labs in the industry. COC helped us get a legitimate lab partner who actually does take every insurance including fed policies. Since they manage the relationship we have not had a single issue since switching. Thank you!!!


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